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Girl Names ending in "et" or "ett" or "ette"

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8-Mar-12 12:43 pm

I like names like Juliet - Bridget - Harriet, etc. Looking for more :) Thank You




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9-Mar-12 2:21 pm



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9-Mar-12 4:38 pm
Janet, Jeanette, Scarlett, Collette, Harriett, or Margret?

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12-Mar-12 11:39 am
I like Scarlett and Juliet alot.

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14-Mar-12 12:50 am

 I love Nicolette 

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14-Mar-12 1:47 am
Nicolette, Collette, Lisette ( I personally like that one!)

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15-Mar-12 4:13 pm



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16-Mar-12 10:33 am
henriette- nickname-- henri

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17-Mar-12 8:30 pm
I just thought of two more, Yvette and Evette.

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17-Mar-12 10:08 pm
claudette, georgette, luciette
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18-Mar-12 2:38 am

 My #1 name for a girl (and I'm hoping to talk DH around eventually), is Poet. Not sure if this is your taste or not though :)


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