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After hmming and ahhing about having another

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8-Mar-12 11:47 am

 Today I decided I really dont want another at the minute. i have just been so tired (so hoping I'm not already.) I climbed into bed at 1pm and hubby shouted up that he was going to work just after 3 and I didnt get up till 4.30!! made me remember how exhausing having being pregnant can be and that there is no way I could cope with having 5 getting up during the night with my 6 month old and every so often with my 20 month old, getting up at 7am and doing the school run everymorning and sitting up to 1-2am studying! and being pregnant as well!!

amazing how just one day of being tired can bring that out in you.

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8-Mar-12 12:28 pm

 I know how you feel- your LO is pretty little still.  If it is meant to be - you will have another one, and if not you have your other 5. 

My boys are almost 13, 6 and almost 4.. and at times I think wtf am I doing.. I think every parent thinks that at times. 

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8-Mar-12 12:57 pm
Hello im new here,although have enjoyed reading lots of interesting posts during various pregnancies! i know exactly how you feel that utter exhaustion drains the quality out of life sometimes :)
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