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Back after a LONG time ***Update, Beta #3 on page 2***

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16-Mar-12 10:07 pm
What! Omg I wouldn't be able to sleep until Beta especially after ALL the cycles we have done!! You are a patient woman ; ) Enjoys the boys, don't know where you are but here in NY looks good for the next week or so! I will not so patiently wait for your update hee hee!

Baby Boy IVF=Baby Boy NF1 PGD to test for NF1 and Gender Cycle #1 August 2010 Transferred 1 Baby Girl= BFN
Cycle#2 IVF/PGD Nov 2010= No Unaffected Females to Transfer No Unaffected Males to Freeze Cycle # 3= May 2011 5 Fertilized --Frozen on Day 1 to Batch with Next Cycle Cycle# 4= June 2011- Transferred 3 Baby GirlBaby Girl= BFN Cycle# 5= September 2011-- Day 5 Biopsy-- Grade A Hatched Blastocyst Baby Girl- BFN

Cycle # 6- Different Doctor-Dr Braverman January 2012-Transferred Baby Girl Baby GirlBaby Girl-BFN Cycle #7-April 2012 Transferred Six Baby GirlJuly 2012 Cycle #8 Transferred Baby GirlBaby GirlBaby GirlBaby Girl- BFN--WTF! October 2012 Cycle #9 Transferred Baby GirlBaby Girl- Beta 13 Chemical Pregnancy...

January 2013 New RE- SIRM-NY- April- Transferred 2 Baby GirlBaby Girl Blasts & 2Baby Girl Baby Girl Morulas= BFP!!!!!!!!