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40 yo needs advice before next cycle (with supplements) maca root, coQ10, etc...

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12-Mar-12 11:29 am
Hi Tinks, I would also try 75mg of DHEA, micronized is best, my RE recommended it last spring when we were initially going through our pretesting, it helped with egg quality, as you age, your addrenal glands stop producing DHEA. I am 42 and it has given us not a ton of eqgs, but they seem to be of good quality. First cycle we had an excellent embryo, this time we had and excellent 8-cell embryo, the nurse was ecstatic both times, esp because of our ages. I also used the Royal Jelly/Bee pollen and the coq-10, as well as wheatgrass and of course prenatals, with an additional folic acid supp. We actually had one girl to transfer, I go for my beta's this weekend. Transfer was on the 6th of March, so hopefully this time it stuck. I have everything that I can cross for you crossed that next cycle will be the one.