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40 yo needs advice before next cycle (with supplements) maca root, coQ10, etc...

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4-Mar-12 11:20 pm
Right now I'm in the process of waiting for my miscarriage to happen. I'm devastated beyond belief, but trying to be hopeful and do something before I cycle again that may help. I'm desperate!!!

I've been taking prenatals, folic acid, calcium, and vit D 1000u. In my research to try to improve egg quality in my next cycle (this is my second failed IVF ~ I'm able to get pregnant, but for whatever reason, I miscarry.) I did a 5 panel PGD for each cycle as we're only looking for boys. Twins would be ideal, I'm miscarrying twins right now. So yeah, I'm devastated!

In my research I'm reading about having to take supplements for 90 days for best odds. Hubby took maca root powder for 6 weeks daily before our last cycle and I'm convinced that's the reason we got 5 boys out of 6 embies. The following I've read will aid in improving egg quality and quantity, but none have been scientifically proven. My feeling is, if anyone on a forum as tried them and successfully managed to get and stay pregnant, then there may be some truth in results.

Maca Root
Royal Jelly
Bee pollen
coQ10 (but not sure which one, I saw several types in Walgreen's today)
wheatgrass shots
Vitamin E
whey protein
fertility shakes

Then there's the no alcohol (not a concern, don't drink or smoke), eat an egg a day, high protein, high fat diets, no sugar, no white breads, whole grains only, exercising regularly (guilty of not doing this)

Since we only want to increase odds of egg quality and quantity and ideally create boys (swaying for boys, etc), what has everyone done along these lines? What have you tried and found to work? What quantities daily? What can I add to hubby's diet to increase healthy swimmers and less abnormals?

I'll be 41 before my next cycle, but I hope to start now (already started changing diet) and hubby will be 43. Yes, I'm feeling quite desperate now and that time is running out.
Thank you for your input!

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