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Where to go for gender scan

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29-Feb-12 2:16 pm
I did my nt scan at 11 weeks and I think it is too early for gender guesses. I was looking for more information on where to go for gender scan as most of the places require prescription from doctor. The other places who r private will they be reliable enough ? Could someone share some information, I am planning to go at my end of 13th week. Also any specific shots that are needed here for techs to guess. Thanks

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29-Feb-12 2:51 pm
Where do you live? The clinic I have used twice now for both my pregnancy has 100% current success rate in sexing babies accurately from 14 weeks we were informed. They have done all our friends also. It's babybond clinic in Southampton, but I believe they have other clinics in other locations and are the most trusted and leading in the field. They give you copies of the babies potty shots, but pictures can be misleading and look confusing to our untrained eye- what they see on the screen the sonographer can see from all angles and will check many times. I would go anytime between 16 and 18 weeks. All the genitials are fully formed earlier, but it's very blatant by then if the baby has a penis or vagina even if parts are a bit swollen which in girls they can be at this point.
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29-Feb-12 2:55 pm

I don;t know where you are located, but I had a gender scan at Fetal Fotos in Rozelle, Sydney. I only did a 5 minute gender scan, for the bargain price of $100. !! It was worth it though. On the net, their website say they can do gender from 15 weeks, but when I rang up to book I was going to be in my 14th week for the appointment, and she said they can actually do gender from 14 weeks..And they say they are 99% accurate.

I went at 14w5d, and within 2 seconds of the scan starting she said def a baby girl, and each u/s since has confirmed it is indeed a girl.

Hope this helps, GL !

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