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Shettles mentioned on The Doctors

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1-Mar-12 4:02 pm


 I really think timing is the least important factor- I have conceived a boy on day 5 of my cycle! and a boy two days before ovulation. There are so many shettles opposites on this site if you have a search throuogh the sway attempts too so please don't kick yourself. I also don't think the man really does determine the sex - there are millions of sperm and they can't all be one gender, it's the egg that attracts either a negatively charged Y sperm or a positively charged X sperm...unless i am misunderstandingh what I have read in FAQ, Anyone?


It's just so hard to know., Boys run in my family big time too - maybe I'm just "madeE that way that my eggs attract Y sperm or ar emost hospitable to it... But thanks for the info on Shettles.