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Swaying for Boy... pls help.. unable to carry boy..!

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28-Feb-12 3:06 pm

Hi there, i dont think there is anything like being unable of carrying one specific gender...dont be harsh on yourself....there are some times when i too believe that i cant carry girls but its not scientifically proved YKWIM...its total luck i guess....i am mother of two boys and i did not sway......after i found out that my second one was a boy i found this site and learned about swaying.....and i believe that my lifestyle is a boy sway....if u decide to sway naturally...this is what i can tell u abt my lifestyle..i hate dairy, diet sodas or anything with fake potatoes, tomatoes, fruits, veggies, salted foods, crisps, fruit juices, snacks etc.....i have A LOT of ewcm and with boys we dtd from end of AF til ovulation maybe after that too haha....and i like strength training.....i hope it helps!!! Good luck and lots of blue dust to you!! Send some pink my way ;-)

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