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Swaying for Boy... pls help.. unable to carry boy..!


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28-Feb-12 8:44 am

Hi Experts,

Here is my history -

I have PCOS..

I got married in 2003 and accidently got pregnant few months later but was not ready to have babies yet and aborted the baby (the biggest mistake of my life so far)..
then deliberately got pregnant in 2005 and gave birth to healthy and beautiful girl in 2006.
I again got pregnant in 2008, that was a girl. Got pregnant again later but miscarried after 7 weeks. Took a break for few months, tried again, got pregnant but miscarried after only 4 weeks (as soon as I found out).
Took a break again, got pregnant and that was a girl.
Got pregnant again, that was a girl too.

In between I tried PGD method of gender selection and that failed too, don't have money for more cycles.
now I really want a boy to complete my family. My believe the miscarraiges that have occured were most likely boys and for some reason I am unable to carry boys properly.

Based on your swaying experience please tell me how to sway for a boy and if I get pregnant, how to hold that pregnancy to deliver a healthy boy.

Thanks very much for your help.


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