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I'm scared to sway.....Anyone else feel this way?

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28-Feb-12 12:51 pm
I have to agree with SM and NB.. we too swayed, and are having DS3. The swaying made me truly believe we were having a girl.. I had all the symptoms of a girl etc.. I was shocked.. shocked to find out that it is another boy.. and I really do think the swaying was the biggest factor in me just believing, well this is a girl of course.. you know? So, I'm not sure how successful swaying actually is. My ph was ideal for a girl.. and before that it wasn't.. so the diet, the nutrasweet etc all worked to lower my ph.. but I still am having a boy. So just be careful, you could really set yourself up for disappointment way worse then if you just go into it to have another child and are willing to have either gender. GL!