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I'm scared to sway.....Anyone else feel this way?

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27-Feb-12 4:13 pm

 I think the best thing is to take on elements of the sway factors that you feel comfortable with. Innitially some of the ideas blew me away and then as I started my sway I felt more comfortable taking on all the ideas. I also had no idea where to start. I was reading everything and I was like "oh my, what to do first!"

I can not speak from experience yet, still waiting for the BFP, However, I find comfort in knowing that I have tried the best I can to sway for a boy and if I am lucky enough to get another girl then she is meant to be! (especially if she can make it through all the BSF's and the  bSD's!!)

GL and this website is really amazing so if you have any questions, always free to post!


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