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The crap people do on facebook.. GD related

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28-Feb-12 11:37 am


I know exactly what you are talking about. A girl I am "friends" with has a 2 y/o boy and just found out she's pregnant with a girl. You'd think she won the lottery! I guess she DID win the gender lottery Grouchy

When I started telling people I was pregnant, my neighbor who has two little girls was like "OMG, I HOPE it is a GIRL!!!". So, what if it isn't? Are you going to feel sorry for me?

Then my mom's BFF who I have known my entire life told me about 7 times that she was hoping for a girl AND said, in front of my husband, that we could only handle "one Charlie" in our family (Charlie is my stepson). Hence why the baby simply canont be a boy. Um, great. Thanks.

Thinking back on it, this is where my GD started. I didn't really feel strongly either way about boy/girl until people started making those comments and I felt like it was some kind of prize to have a girl and that people would be smug about it if I had a boy. What the hell? I mean when I think of a boy as a mini version of my husband whom I ADORE, that makes me pretty happy. But I guess a baby is good if I can't dress it up in lace and bows...

Sounds like you live in a girl frenzy circle and I can relate to that because I have been around these people as well who act like having a boy is the worst thing in the world Hmm.  You're gonna have a great son.

As for whoever saying that only "one Charlie" is enough you can make a comeback saying that at least you won't have to deal with "multiple dramatic and hormonal tantrumy bitchy teenagers" and put a shove in the face HA! Devil. (Of course wise and common sense ppl know this not true, but senseless ppl would think this since they stereotype too much and the ppl in your area tend to be like that).

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