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The crap people do on facebook.. GD related

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26-Feb-12 2:22 pm

I am so disgusted right now.  I now know without a doubt that society can cause you to have GD or worsen your GD if you were already feeling it.  My very close friend just found out that she is expecting baby boy #2.  Her and I are extremely open with each other and talk about EVERYTHING with no judgement of each other.  Anyway, a few days ago I went to her ultrasound appointment with her to find out the sex of the baby.  I had asked her if she was hoping for a boy or a girl and she told me it really didn't matter at this point since her and her husband planned on having a very large family.  When the doctor said "Its a healthy boy!" her face lit up and she cried and said she couldn't believe that God saw fit to give her two healthy children.  Of course I cried right along with her.. being a typical woman and all.  Happy Wink


Now, skip to a few days later.  She is a total wreck about the fact that she is not carrying a little girl.  WHY?  She posted on facebook that she was having another boy and so many people literally posted their sympathies to her!  There were comments like:  "You'll get your girl one day.  Being a boy mom is hard but you get used to it.  Keep trying, you'll get your girl eventually.  Wow, betcha really wanted a girl so you wouldn't have to risk having 3 boys, huh?"


I could not believe what people were writing on there.  She was thrilled just a few days ago about her second child and now people have taken that from her with their thoughtless words.  What really gets me is the fact that she never expressed the desire to have a little girl.. people just assumed that she was crushed because this was another little boy.  

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