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Support thread for those of us that have recently found out gender.

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1-Apr-12 9:30 am
Hey ladies, hope your all making some progress in feeling happier! I'm sooo up and down :-( I guess I've being hoping and praying for a daughter for almost five years now so I'm really struggling with the fact that I will have three boys and most likely never a little girl to share a mother daughter relationship with! I'm seeing a therapist and she seems to feel that I'm making progress but I'm not so sure, she has said that I need to focus on my boys being children and not dwell on the gender thing as being such a big deal.... I'm trying but, it stll hurts knowing in my own mind that I'm missing out on something that I've longed for my whole life!!! We haven't told anyone the gender of this baby and all I've said is that I have a gut feeling we will have another boy and have being putting on the happy face saying "oh how great it would be to have all boys" :-( i had an appointment with my Ob a couple of weeks ago, we talked about our third little boy arriving in July and he then went on to say that if we still have a desire for a girl later on he will help us with HT, apparently we would need go to NSW Australia for this treatment! My heart sunk when he told us that HT is acctually an option, I felt angry that he had never made mention of it before we tryed for our third, and angry with myself for not asking him about HT last May prior to getting pregnant, I thought it was illegal in Australia??? So now I just feel that I've screwed up big time and if I had known what I know now... I could of had my little girl, my two boys thier little sister and my Husband his little daddys girl. I am feeling so lost and so sad and am trying to stop the "what ifs" but it's just not getting any better, this little boy will be arriving in early July and I'm feeling no excitement or happiness and that in it's self is breaking my heart, he deserves %100 happy mummy, I have a lot of guilt weighing down on me and I just want to be a happy mother for my boys and my baby but how do I get there?? We did try to sway with this pregnancy with all the stuff I'm sure youve all tried but no luck :-( I just want to feel happy, thanks for reading and your support! Why does life seem so unfair at times, I am extremely grateful for my healthy children but the girly desire is such a big want for me, I don't feel complete and im scared I never will, without her with being apart of our family x
I just read a different thread saying it is illegal in Australia. So I wouldn't beat yourself up for not knowing what you didn't know.

Thank You God and Our Lady!