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my March belly pic! Another pic added


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8-Feb-08 8:07 pm

ok so I'm due March 8th but I'm sure I will be induced sooner than that. here is my belly pic. Show me yours!  

Full-size image


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8-Feb-08 8:08 pm

how dang cute are you?  i love it! 

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8-Feb-08 8:10 pm

You have such a cute belly!  

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8-Feb-08 8:49 pm

You have NO stretch marks!!!!! LUCKY!!!

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8-Feb-08 8:51 pm

yup! i have to admit i am jealous of your no stretchmarks too!!! you look so CUTE!

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8-Feb-08 9:15 pm

I have 3 strech marks Stick out tongue  you just can't see them


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8-Feb-08 10:34 pm

Baby bumps are so cute. Thanks for sharing - not long now till you have your DD in your arms!

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9-Feb-08 4:24 am

I love it! You look so gorgeous honey xx not long now to go - you look amamzing thanks for sharing I love belly pics xx

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9-Feb-08 10:29 am

 Oh wow, I love it!!!  You look great.  :)

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9-Feb-08 11:00 am

SO cute! i cant wait til i get bigger so i can post a picture

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13-Feb-08 4:06 pm

me busting at 201 lbs! see the belly in the mirror? 

Full-size image


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13-Feb-08 4:17 pm


Your adorable!
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13-Feb-08 4:23 pm

 Great belly!!  Cute room too :D

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13-Feb-08 5:07 pm

Here is my due in March, then February photo!


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13-Feb-08 6:26 pm

 You are so cute! Cutie wish my belly was as cute. I have a watermelonHappy ROFL

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