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i truly believe we are destined to get what we matter what

Counting my blessings:-)

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18-Feb-12 8:03 am
I'm starting to believe that your comment "it is what it is, you cant control it!!! Get over it and get on with it!!!" is right lately.  I have been on IG for years and I have seen some PGD and microsort result in opposite gender or miscarriage and sways work 50/50.  Im starting to believe that the people who try these methods successfully would have had their desired gender with or without swaying, PGD or Microsort. I had an "unsuccessful sway" but I truly believe that ds3 was meant to be in our familyHearts.  I believe God gives us the little souls that are meant to be in our family regardless of gender.  Good luckGood Luck Clover

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