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100% Certainty?

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16-Feb-12 1:29 pm
Is this 100% sure?
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16-Feb-12 1:31 pm
Baby Bear Girl Congrats on your DD!
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16-Feb-12 1:34 pm
I'm a nurse, seen lots of 20ish week ones, definatlely girl to me!


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16-Feb-12 1:38 pm

Baby Girl 

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16-Feb-12 2:36 pm
Looks like a girl :) please have a guess at my pic. Thanks x

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16-Feb-12 2:39 pm
Baby Girl !

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Four times lucky and we are (probably Confused Huh?) done !

Thanks to all the lovely IG ladies and leaders for your support and advice over the years! Happy Celebrate

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16-Feb-12 2:49 pm
Girl! Congrats!!!

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16-Feb-12 2:56 pm


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16-Feb-12 2:56 pm

congrats on your Baby Bear Girl x

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16-Feb-12 3:45 pm

 Yup! for sure, all girl

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16-Feb-12 5:35 pm
Thanks for all the guesses :)
My three kids Baby Boy Baby Boy Baby Girl !!!!

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16-Feb-12 6:04 pm

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16-Feb-12 8:39 pm

Baby Bear Girl 

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17-Feb-12 9:34 am
Any reason we aren't seeing the classic "3 lines?"
My three kids Baby Boy Baby Boy Baby Girl !!!!

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17-Feb-12 10:16 am
Looks very girly to me x
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