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Is is too early to be disappointed??

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13-Feb-12 7:12 pm
wow thanks so much Hope. i think your right about getting an earlier scan. i think whenever the next scan is i wont be ready to hear 'boy', but i suppose thats just whats meant to be if so. thats amazing what you read about girl being told boy then was a girl later on - fingers crossed;)! ha ha. i thought the same thing after the twins about believing boys were all we are meant to have. we have no boys in the family and cry that we were SO CLOSE to adding a little pink to the family. i am anxious about the looks of pitty we will get if its a boy and have decided not to tell anyone until he or she is born because of it. AAggggrrr - id like to hibernate for the next month till the next scan ha ha ha ha. thank you for sharing your story. it is nice to know that there are others that feel at least some of what i do.