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13-Feb-12 7:43 am
I'd love for you to tell me what you think we're having. Our tech refused to entertain the 'nub theory'. Thanks so much in advance.
Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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13-Feb-12 8:41 am
I always heard that if it is parallel with the spine.. its a girl!!!! looks like a girl to me!

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13-Feb-12 8:45 am

not a professional, but I say Baby Bear Boy


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13-Feb-12 9:07 am
Baby Bear Girl

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13-Feb-12 9:28 am


I'm not sure- I think because it is 12 w 2 days it could go either way as it looks possibly on the rise so I'm 50:50 x


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13-Feb-12 9:33 am
Any other pics? I'm not sure on this one as it looks like it could go either way.

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13-Feb-12 10:58 am

 tricky one; its pretty much parallel to the spine but the bit at the end is the thing thats making me think maybe boy; im afraid 50/50 for me, sorry im rubbish xx


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13-Feb-12 11:09 am

 Ever so slight girl lean

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13-Feb-12 11:20 am


Good Luck!

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13-Feb-12 11:45 am


I'm not sure- I think because it is 12 w 2 days it could go either way as it looks possibly on the rise so I'm 50:50 x

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13-Feb-12 4:57 pm
Thanks to everyone for taking the time to guess. What about this picture - can you see the nub here?
Ultrasound Gender Prediction

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13-Feb-12 4:58 pm
We also have this picture of the lower limbs, I'm not sure if that helps anyone?
Ultrasound Gender Prediction

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13-Feb-12 4:59 pm
I would def say boy on this one! :)

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13-Feb-12 5:24 pm

 Man, this one is kinda tough.. it looks slightly angled but still under 30 degress however, my first reaction was BOY for this one... 

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13-Feb-12 6:45 pm
Ohh wow, such a varied range of guesses. Girl = 4 Boy = 2 50/50 = 5
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