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baby #6 5th girl or 2nd boy?? 13w unsure if nub is visible *EDIT* new pic 13w5d NUB :D 3 new pics fr


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15-Feb-12 6:24 am
Bec83"][quote user="eightlilpigs:
Any other pics from your recent scan?? First pics have me thinking boy but later one girl, but my 13 week scan showed some very girly shots like yours but a clear boy nub from a slightly different angle.[/quote] the most recent pic is the only pic i got, the dvd recorder wasnt working, but they are sending it to me in the post so i will upload it when it arrives :)
Excellant! Chase them up and see if its on the way lol!!   Please feel free to PM for info on the new sites if you are fed up with the monkeysHearts 
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