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12 week male or female nub? Everyone was 100% correct.... Girl!!!

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10-Feb-12 9:47 am
Any guesses appreciated!!!
Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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10-Feb-12 9:50 am

 Thinking girl

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10-Feb-12 10:45 am

Baby Bear Girl

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Baby Bear Girl

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10-Feb-12 11:00 am

 Your picture looks a lot like mine(link posted below if you want to check it out). I got all girl guesses with a few that said they couldn't see a nub. I don't see an obvious nub in yours either which makes me lean towards girl! Good luck!

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10-Feb-12 11:12 am

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10-Feb-12 11:53 am

Baby Bear Girl 

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10-Feb-12 2:46 pm

girly girl


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10-Feb-12 5:22 pm


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10-Feb-12 5:59 pm


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