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I felt very guilty and sad today emotionally broke

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2-Feb-12 3:26 am
I honestly think the pregnancy is going to be far harder than reality and life with 3 of the same. I feel similar to you about not wanting people to comment on the pregnancy, I know everyone thinks... Oooh bet you hope you're having a girl, I know it's their first thought, I know they think the only reason I'm pg is because I want a girl & oh corse they are right and T's all I think about but quite frankly am fed up of discussing it with everyone that feels its ok to talk about. I just want to get to 9 months and be done. Once the baby is here I know everyone will think he is adorable if he is a he and the cache isn't a she won't matter. Then I feel sad as this is the last ever time I will ever be pregnant, the last time I will be lucky enough to have this miracle of being pregnant, getting pregnant so easily - the last time & I'm wishing it away. Like you I love this baby regardless but I'm just finding the whole journey stressful... You're not alone xx
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