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Girl or Boy??? Can Someone Tell?


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25-Jan-12 10:44 am
Hi Peeps, Had my 12 weeks scan today, any ideas? Kelly x
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25-Jan-12 11:07 am

BOY !!!

Baby Bear Girl 1,Baby Bear Girl 2  and TTC Baby Bear Boy in 2012

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25-Jan-12 11:20 am
Leaning boy
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25-Jan-12 11:27 am


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25-Jan-12 11:52 am
boy xx

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25-Jan-12 11:58 am
Boy :)


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25-Jan-12 12:02 pm

thinking Baby Bear Boy

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25-Jan-12 12:28 pm

Baby Girl (2010)... Baby Girl #2 Due July 3, 2013


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25-Jan-12 12:46 pm
Team Blue!

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25-Jan-12 12:56 pm

first thought was girl

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25-Jan-12 1:24 pm

I'm going to have to say Boy!

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25-Jan-12 2:14 pm
Leaning boy

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25-Jan-12 3:10 pm

 Boy, angle looks pointing up on nub 



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25-Jan-12 3:24 pm

 Boy, angle looks pointing up on nub 


2010 - Our Preemie Prince
Due December 2014. Possibly our second little Prince. Praying for a term baby!

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25-Jan-12 3:39 pm
leaning boy

Baby Boy Baby Boy & Baby Girl

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