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2 ww, causal observation

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22-Jan-12 12:05 am
We're on our 2 ww. We did FISH 5 probe. We ended up with 9 eggs, 8 fertilized, 7 sent for probes. We wanted boys. Last cycle was a 50/50 split with 7 (1 questionable) this time of the 7, we only got 1 girl, the rest were all boys! After having 2 girls (and hubby being a smoker at the time, confirmed that will kill off boys), he quit for cycle 1. Cycle 2 he drank maca root for a month prior and got pretty much all boys. Suspect it had something to do with it. Hoping my 2 turtles (both healthy hatching blasts) will stick and grow.
12-5-09: IVF/PGD - Transferred Baby BoyBaby Boy - BFP 9dp5dt
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M/C at 12 weeks.Heartbroken

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