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My girl sway recipe. Result: GIRL!!!

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21-Jan-12 3:12 pm
Name : Lisa B Swaying attempt : Natural Gender resulted? : Girl PH Cm ph : 4.5 Dh ph : 7.5 Douche type and when : In previous sways I used a product called Vagi Care (can be purchased in Australia) an hour before bd and 15 mins after bd, but it was killing everything, so I backed it off to 2 days before which still kept my pH in the right zone - 4 to 4.5 Big O: No (but I am making up for it now :) MINERALS Calcium : Around 500 mg per day Magnesium : 300 mg a day Potassium : keep to low potassium foods. Read everything on packets and web to find products I enjoy eating Sodium : 1000 mg a day DH minerals : 1000mg of calcium a day, 300 mg of magnesium. DIET Dietary changes : I mainly ate: High calcium foods - lots of yoghurt, low sodium cheese and skim milk Lots and lots of eggs fish or chicken Almonds/unsalted peanuts baby spinach corn corn wraps (corn flat bread) - instead of bread. porridge cucumbers I avoided: potatoes tomatoes salty and potassium rich foods (I kept a list on me of foods I couldn't eat) Caffeine : 1-2 a day (stuck to one on the days we bd) Dh Caffeine : 1-2 a day. dh didn't have caffeine in the afternoon's as we bd in the PM HORMONES Drinks : Peppermint tea Sugar free cranberry juice Dh : Diet coke. Drank heaps of sprite zero. SUPPS Cranberry :40000 mg per day. Dh supps : 20000mg of cranberry per day and the reccommended calc & mag levels TIMING Bed cutoff (#of days) : 2.5-3 days Bed through O : No 0+12 : Yes Frequent Bdding : dh abstained for first week and then we bd'd day 10, 12, 14 and midday on day 18 (I O'd late in the eve of day 17) Charting O with temp : Yes Chartin O with opk : Yes Fertility monitor : First response ovulation strips Suspected O date : Sunday 18 Sept 2011 Biorhythms: Both hubby and I were in 'strong girl' rhythms IONS O'd in what moon phase : Waning (in Taurus) Changed ions in other ways : Hot showers 4 salt lamps around house and a big one on my desk at work Lavendar body lotion and lavender clothes softener with all my loads of washing Brisk walks outside for 5 days leading up to O date Wore a neg ion bracelet and a rose quartz bracelet Used ionic hair dryer We placed a big amethyst on hubby's side of the bed and a smaller one on my side A rose quartz sat either side of our bed Apatite crystal on my side of the bed OTHER How many kids do you have : 2 Gender(s) : Boys (twins ) #months ttc : 10 Your age : 36 Bd position : Missionary, nothing too exciting! Jump and dump : No. Ewcm present, how much : Not a lot. Dh undies : briefs Dh hot bath/shower : Warm shower before bd OWT : Wooden spoon under the bed Comments: We are so relieved natural swaying worked for us. I saw a Chinese Herbalist in conjunction with the IG sway info, which greatly helped. I am very grateful our prayer for a little girl came to fruition as we took a big chance swaying naturally to get a girl. Both our twin sons have Cone Rod Dystrophy which is an X linked genetic disorder which affects 50% males in my mum's side and I was worried I would run a high risk having another baby with this condition. Luckily our risk paid off and we are welcoming a baby girl into our lives in June 2012. Good luck all with your sway attempts xxx

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21-Jan-12 3:15 pm
Sorry girls about the way the info presented. I had this all spaced out nicely but when it posted it posted in a big dump. If you know how to fix it, let me know and I will. Lisa

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22-Jan-12 8:13 am

 Thanks for the sway info and congratulations on your girl!

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23-Jan-12 3:50 am
Thanks jediepgrl! Good luck with your sway. I wish you PINK success!

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24-Jan-12 10:32 pm

 Congratulations on your baby girl! Can you tell me where I can find my biorhythms?


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24-Jan-12 10:53 pm

Congrats sweetie!


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25-Jan-12 5:36 am

Congrats!!! I really believe the diet is the key, because I'm in Oz too and ate very similar foods to you.

I also saw a Chinese herbalist and although I didnt use any herbs this time to concieve ( I did with my son) She was a aware I was TTCing a girl and gave me accupunture accordingly and swears that PH  and Diet are the key factors in Swaying gender.


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26-Jan-12 8:52 am

Congrats on your pink sway!!

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30-Jan-12 1:16 am
Hi Honeyrose, Thanks for your congratulations! I am so relieved it worked. In addition to diet, I really believe the biorhythms are a key factor as well. Did you get the result you were hoping for? Lisa xx

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30-Jan-12 1:18 am
Thanks for your congratulations brw3princess! I see you are having a girl as well in 2012. What do you believe was the biggest factor in your sway that got you across the line to get a girl> Warm regards Lisa xx

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30-Jan-12 1:21 am
Thanks Phoenix! It's such a blessing to know our sway stuff worked. It took us 11 months but we got there. xx

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30-Jan-12 1:24 am
Hi cilantro2011 You can get your biorhythms at For a girl you want to see: The red line is in the positive zone and blue line is in the negative zone, then you have a strong chance of conceiving a girl. If the both the red and blue are in the negative zone, then you lean towards having a girl. For a boy you want to see: The blue line is in the positive zone and red line is in the negative zone, then you have a strong chance of conceiving a boy. If the both blue and red are in the positive zone, then you lean towards having a boy. I really believe biorhythms have an influence on the gender you conceive. Be sure to do both your own and hubby's biorhythms for each month. Warm regards Lisa xx

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1-Feb-12 10:14 pm

 Thanks, Lisa B!


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25-Mar-12 5:38 am
@honeyrose and @lisa b ... I'm in Australia too and am considering very carefully how I will go about my girl sway.. I would love to know who your chinese herbalists are! Also, a detailed list of the foods you both ate would be so wonderful!! :o) if you like you can email me personally, a. r. wouters@ hotmail . com Congrats on your successful girl swaying! xx Amy
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25-Mar-12 9:16 am
Congrats on your baby girl! Your sway sound really good and so glad it worked for you!
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