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I'm going to have a private Gender scan on Monday!!!

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14-Jan-12 4:57 pm

Hi,Ladies, as some of you know, i got told i was having a girl at my 20 week scan, i was atually 19 weeks +4days at the time.Whilst I was having my scan done, i was so nervous,as originally I wasnt going to find out, but when I lost my dear Mum last november, i just felt I needed to know, and braved it, but I just couldnt look at the screen, I was so scared, i would be dissapointed to hear boy, so I asked the sonographer to write it down on a card, i was over the moon,when I read the word girl!,but as time passed, im now 26 weeks+3days I started to doubt the prediction, as i didnt look at the screen once and see for myself, silly i kow,but i just couldnt at the time.I didnt even ask her how sure, she was.Before she looked she asked what I was hoping for, and i told her, and now im imagining shes just said girl to keep me happy,as i must have looked rather bizzare, not looking at my little baby, which I now feel  really guilty about,The Gd feeling overwhemled me and i feel so guity and selfish for behaving like that, im imagining she said girl to punish me or something, i know i must sound crazy, but this means the world to me, this pregnancy has been so tough,and its my last, so all my hopes and dreams, is to be determined with proof with my own eyes, on Monday, i was debating a private scan with my partner for a while,and today when he went in to pay our rent, the girl at the estate agent, who just had a baby boy,said, her friend was told a girl, bought all pink,and out pooped a boy.she joked she hoped my baby wasnt hiding a willy, now that statement has had me worried sick all day, and ive gone ahead and booked with babybond for Monday, i feel like i havnt even been told girl, and im terrified all over again, I just pray shes still a girl, and i here those magical words and get to enjoy watching her,and taking home a pink dvd sleeve!ive got so many sweet pink things,a lovely pink pram, i cant imagine taking them back,  but i know its a real possibility as, i have heard more and more stories of being told wrong gender,well sorry about the long rant, i feel better coming to a place, where others understands how important this is to us all, i will update, takcare.xxxx

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