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Hi I can't access the forums

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Joined 8-Jan-12

9-Jan-12 3:51 am
I've just joined and am unable to get into the regular forum section. Can someone please check my account and access so I can post and participate. Thank you

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9-Jan-12 7:46 am
I'm having the same issue says the page no longer exists!

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9-Jan-12 9:11 am
I am having the same issue also.


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9-Jan-12 6:20 pm

thats exactly what it is saying for me page no longer exists. can somebody help? tks

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10-Jan-12 12:18 am

 Same here! I could access them until the moment I signed up???

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10-Jan-12 3:06 am

everyone is having this issue


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14-Jan-12 2:31 am

 Yep, another one having problems over here.

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14-Jan-12 7:30 am
Ditto here

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14-Jan-12 9:24 am

Ditto here

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