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3-Mar-12 11:59 pm
Yeah, I received similar answers from the Dr. that did my surgery as well. He basically made it seem as though I won't get any answers about anything unless I have 3 consecutive losses. I hope I never get to that place. You either! I suppose I was "lucky" in that my daughter never really understood I was pregnant. I know it must be harder to have to explain it to your other children. I hope it went smoothly if you decided to say anything since this post. As for me, I am now on the pill because my hormones were so out of whack. My body just never stopped bleeding and I do still have very low trace amounts of hcg in my system. (I'm 9 weeks post D&C as of yesterday.) The pill almost immediately stopped the bleeding and I am very grateful for that! I emailed my Dr. about the possibility of stopping the pill after this pack, having a period, and then trying If I ovulate. That would mean I could potentially be preggo again the beginning of April and have a Christmas baby. I thought that would be special since that is when we lost this one. Of course, I have to get the go-ahead, ovulate, get pregnant, and sustain the pregnancy. But, it's all in God's hands, I hope it's His will! Please keep me posted on your continued journey and I will do the same. Praying for you!!