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hello- i have some info for aussies looking at pgd in SART


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7-Jan-12 2:53 am

Hi there,

 I thought i should say hello as i am a new member and i am very grateful for this wonderful site and the members in it! I am a mum of 2 wonderful boys- aged 2 1/2 and 5 months. They are an absolute joy and keep me very busy. However my husband and i feel our family wont be complete untill we have a little girl. I have always imagined having a daughter. My relationship with my mother is very strong and ive always hoped i could have a similar special relationship with a daughter of my own. My husband would like to have no more than 3 children (ive tried to convince him that 4 is a nice even number but he wont buy into it :) So once we knew we were expecting our 2nd baby boy (saw the penis on the 12 week ultrasound!) we have been discussing and researching the possibility of PGD in Thailand.

 Our OB is wonderful and when we mentioned it to him he was more than supportive- offering advice and asked if it was ok with us he would like to assist us in our journey!! Now we have decided to give it a shot and planning things properly. Thank god for this informative site!

We are going to try PGD in SART in conjuction with Genea in Sydney as well as the help of our local OB- IN 2013. We are very excited and trying to get us much info as possible in relation to timeline, preparation, meds, risks etc.

I have recently been in touch with SART who provided me with some info that i thought i should share with everyone. Its in relation to the package that they offer including accomodation-


The treatment process

Step 1: Paper work completion and intent for treatment. (Overseas Patient Form)

Step 2: Contact Genea (previously known as Sydney IVF) at Kent Street for preparation and treatment direction.

Genea - Level 2, 321 Kent St., Sydney 2000

Tel: 02 9229 6420

Step 3: Deposit the amount of AUD3,000 to Superior A.R.T. We accept VISA/Master card or transfer to our bank account:

Oogonia Co., Ltd account details:

TMB Bank Public Company Limited

Ratchaprasong Branch

A/C no. 011-2-69557-2

Swift code: TMBKTHBK

Please notify customer service at once you have transferred your deposit.

Step 4: Collect the blood samples for work up, it will take approximate 45 days for preparation.

Step 5: Once the test-kit is completed, you can start the stimulation process and

monitoring with Genea doctor and nurse

*Genea nurse will notify to Superior A.R.T. nurse for progress.

Step 5: Come to Bangkok for initial consult with Superior A.R.T. doctor and nurse to continue monitoring and get the last injection (Trigger).

Step 6: Start the ovum-pick up, ICSI, PCR X Y 21 and embryo transfer.

Step 7: Blood test for beta-hCG (pregnancy test) in Sydney

PCR X Y 21 package cost AUD 11,000

Treatment package includes:

Test-kit and work up preparation

Consultation including doctor’s fee

Ovum pick up


Embryo transfer

Monitoring - Hormone testing

Accommodation includes:

10 nights at a 4 Star Hotel or Service Apartment near Superior A.R.T, based on 2 persons

Transfer from Suvarnabhumi International Airport to hotel and hotel to Suvarnabhumi International Airport for maximum 3 persons

This package does not include:


Australia: Approx AUD 2,000 -2,500. These are purchased from a pharmacy.

Superior A.R.T.:

. Trigger (last injection), approx THB 2,000.

. Hormonal support after embryo transfer, approx THB 5,000-10,000.

Lab investigation

Australia: Approx AUD 100 at pathology centre.


Australia: Approx AUD 350 at ultrasound centre.

Embryo freezing

Superior A.R.T.: After the embryo transfer if you have surplus embryo of good quality you can freeze those embryo for future use. The cost of embryo freezing is THB 20,000 for 10 embryos (another THB 20,000 for the next 10 embryos) and annual storage fee THB 1,500 per one embryo.

Remark: You have to pay the deposit AUD 3,000, if cycle is cancelled you will not get a refund.


I hope this info helps some people. We looked into HRC in the States however with the increased costs if the first cycle failed we would not be able to attempt a 2nd cycle.

My question to people is has anyone fallen pregnant after one cycle only? Also is it possible to do pgd without the ovulation meds (as in a natural cycle) I am quite scared of the risks assoc with all the hormones (OHSS)

Thanks guys

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31-Jan-12 3:35 am


It seems like we are on a similar path, we are planning for a little girl too through Superior ART in Thailand in September this year. I cannot answer your question at the moment, however, we do have our first appointment through Genea (formerly known as IVF Sydney) and will keep you posted.

Hope this has been of some help.HappyFlower


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15-Mar-12 9:09 pm
Add another Aussie mum to the list! Have 3 gorgeous boys, planning on using Superior ART in 2013 to try for a gorgeous girl. Am in the very early stages of researching so would love to hear more from those of you further down the path. Also, I am based in Melbourne. Any news on who I could use for the aus part of the procedure? Many thanks

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16-Jun-12 11:10 pm
Hi Everyone!
I have just been reading your stories regarding Superior Art in Thailand and wondered if anyone has any updates, has anyone been to Thailand yet, is anyone pregnant? How did it work out for you? I would really like to hear your latest news as we have just made our first contact with Superior Art and very nervously excited about what happens next...

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6-Jul-12 8:22 am
Hi all Aussie's:) I'm looking to go to SART early 2013 for a little girl. I have 3 beautiful boys. I have a son with a learning disability called dyspraxia. I have found through gena that I still wouldn't qualify for pgd gender selection in Australia so they have suggested SART. Im very nervous about the whole experience but both my husband and I want this badly. I hope you all have success and would love you all to keep me posted on your outcomes. Xxx

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11-Apr-13 12:30 pm

Hi there. We went to Superior Art on the THB 350,000 package for the whole PGD-CGH process. Unfortunately, we got no healthy normal embryo to transfer. Just wondering if we are eligible for a refund for the Non-transfer step which was quoted at THB 70,000 at the beginning. Anybody has experienced the same thing?

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