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Pregnancy and Cats

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25-Dec-11 5:37 pm

Hi all

Just wondering how true is it if we have a cat at home it  will risk my pregnancy i was reading from googles search if a cat prsent at home that might cause some syndromes with the baby eyes or something like that how true is it any one knows any thing about it a friend of mine told me i shoudnt leave it at home, my kids enjoy our little kitten so much and i love him so much too its so hard to give him to someone else.

Please help 

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25-Dec-11 6:22 pm
cat poo cant cause harm to unborn babies by affecting their eye sight, the cat itself cant, if u have to change litter trays do it with gloves or avoid it completely and get someone else to do it x

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31-Dec-11 12:11 am
Liane87 is right, it's only cat feces that can cause toxoplasmosis. Just wear gloves or have someone else do it for you. No need to get rid of your kitten.
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