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Time for me to leave you ladies, I've miscarried :(((

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25-Dec-11 1:43 pm
Ive had the worst time girls. On Thursday evening, I started bleeding lightly, went to ER on Friday morning, ultrasound couldn't detect the baby.:(((. The gyno said that I would probably miscarry, only 2% chance of a good outcome. I hang onto that 2% until this morning when I started bleeding properly, so I guess that's it, it's over. This is the hardest thing I ve ever had to cope with, it's just so cruel to be given something and have it taken away. Maybe I'm being punished for so desperately wanting a daughter, who knows! it's just one of those things that you never think will happen to you. Anyway I truly wish you all healthy pregnancies. Good luck ladiesī„


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25-Dec-11 2:53 pm
I am so so sorry for your loss.. you and your family will be in my prayers ((hugs))
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25-Dec-11 5:07 pm
I'm so sorry for your loss! After my second son we started swaying for a daughter. I got pregnant and then m/c that first baby and I wondered if I was being punished too. We decided to try and sway again and see what happened and had my dd next. I know it's hard not to feel guilty at this time. Give yourself time to come to terms with your loss and think about what you want to do after that. Hugs!
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25-Dec-11 10:17 pm

I'm so sorry you have to go through this. It simply sucks big time.

Big hugs to you honey!

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25-Dec-11 11:36 pm
Sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family Hearts

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26-Dec-11 12:06 am
Oh Perla, life is simply not fair sometimes. We all get so excited when one of our IG family gets a BFP and we all feel sad together when we hear someone has lost their baby. Defintely take some time out to grieve for your much wanted baby. You are not being punished. You sound like such a wonderful lady and mum. Take care.

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26-Dec-11 1:54 am
Thank you all so so much for your kind words and understanding, they will stay with me through these hard times. There's nobody else that I can really talk to, because we told only a few people, nobody really understands, so it's comforting know that I am not alone with all you guys on here.


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26-Dec-11 11:36 am

i lost mine at 22 weeks after i found out my boy sway had failed. i was so heartbroken. i was angry, why did other ladies get two or 3 sons and they still weren't happy and i just wanted one. two weeks later i went into labor. my daughter was born alive and kicking but passed away 2 hours later. the pain is still there weather you are 4 weeks or 40 weeks. prayers for you and your family.

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26-Dec-11 1:42 pm
I'm so sorry for your loss, Stay strong.
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22-Jan-12 10:50 am
sorry for your loss x
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