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12w4d NT scan. Predictions PLEASE. I'd be really grateful.

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21-Dec-11 12:51 am
Hi everyone! I just found this site today and I'm really excited. I had my scan today and would REALLY like to get some predictions. I have a guess, but I'm scared that it's being influenced by what I want the baby to be. Thanks!
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21-Dec-11 12:53 am
A second picture, in case it helps.
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21-Dec-11 1:03 am
Baby Bear Girl
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21-Dec-11 1:11 am
Thanks for the fast response. I know it's early, but if you don't mind me asking, if you were to give it a percentage, how confident are you that it's a girl?

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21-Dec-11 1:53 am
Any other guesses? I thought it looked girly but was hoping boy.

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21-Dec-11 2:21 am

Baby Bear Girl 

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21-Dec-11 4:07 am

Looks like a little Baby Bear Girl xx

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21-Dec-11 4:08 am

80% girl.



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21-Dec-11 6:19 am

Looks girly!

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21-Dec-11 6:57 am

Baby Bear Girl  xx

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21-Dec-11 7:28 am

 Complete novice here but it looks like a pink one to me xx

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21-Dec-11 11:11 am
Thanks everyone for responding! Any other guesses and how confident are you guys? I'm trying to get used to the idea that we might have a girl. This is totally unexpected! DH has all men in his family.

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21-Dec-11 11:23 am

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