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Miscarriage & Trying Again Advice Please

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17-Mar-12 3:53 am

hi strawbell

i have never head of swaying,however i would like to resure you nothing anyone can do can prevent such a loss. i have 3 wonderfull girls. so starting a new family with my partner i thought would be a breeze. how wrong out journey started last march BFP got to what i thought 12 weeks, started to spot, i rang the mid wife, asking should i lye down... go home and rest??? no.. anyway got scan baby had passed away at 8 + weeks, nothing at all i could have done.. BFP again in aug sadly ended 2 days after. again BFP sept sadly nerver got past 9 weeks with only sack.. now i am over joyed to say a year down the line 3 sad losses we are on our way 14 weeks all is good.. i do wish you well and i just had to keep trying as you see...  amanda (happy1nurse)