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guesses PLEASE

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19-Dec-11 8:25 pm
Where I live the u/s techs aren't aloud to tell us what the sex of our baby is... I'm desperate to know!! I have 3 beautiful girls but always wished for a boy. I'm new to this so please tell me your opinions!!!

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19-Dec-11 8:27 pm
I would love to take a guess.  I don't see a photo and when I clicked on the link it didn't come up either :(


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19-Dec-11 8:29 pm

I don't see anything either....

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19-Dec-11 8:31 pm
Let me try again
Full-size image

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19-Dec-11 8:33 pm
And another angle
Full-size image

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19-Dec-11 8:40 pm
I vote girl :)

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19-Dec-11 8:42 pm
What's the age? I would guess boy though as long as its in the right age for a nub shot.

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19-Dec-11 8:48 pm
15 weeks but the tech said measuring at 14

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19-Dec-11 9:41 pm
Thank you for your guesses ..... Anyone else??? I'm scheduled to have another scan on Jan 5th so hope that the tech (or baby) lets it slip :)


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19-Dec-11 9:47 pm

I don't see any clues.

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22-Dec-11 9:39 pm
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