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Chinese gender chart...Need help... different than anything else for swaying girl

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19-Dec-11 12:44 pm
Hi guys...  So dh and I are going to make our first try at swaying pink next month.  Next month I will be in the new moon phase when I O.  I am on the diet and taking the sups and we will be doing o+12 plus all the other good stuff.  The only thing is that the chinese gender chart tells me that it will be a boy!  Do I pay any attention to that???  I don't know where I read about Chinese gender charts but I just want to make sure that with everything else it doesn't mean much of anything.  TIA

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19-Dec-11 1:57 pm



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19-Dec-11 2:09 pm

I haven't even checked to see if it was different from my two boys.  Not going to pay attention to it.  Hoping it's wrong!

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19-Dec-11 4:56 pm

It's just for fun. For my both daughters its said BOY !!

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22-Dec-11 9:39 am

It said girl with both my if it says boy for me, I may have hope for a girl, LOL

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22-Dec-11 9:56 am

Personally i dont believe in the chinese calander at all. It was wrong for all mine.In  my opion you should give it a go. Good Luck!


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22-Dec-11 12:06 pm

There is just so much to think about when swaying lol thanks for your thoughts ladies.... we are going to give it ago!

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9-Jan-12 7:42 am
It was true for all of my three sons. But there are several pages that are saying that they have chinese calendars and are not all the same. I have tried the one that is at and got true results. The others didn't work for me.

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11-Jan-12 1:02 am

I think if you can put together the O+12 Method and the ancient Chinese method of sex selection, the successful rate of getting a baby girl will be sky high.

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