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Sad because of mean people :(

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19-Dec-11 12:39 am

 Yeah, this one girl was all, "That sucks you're having a boy. I don't like getting boy stuff, so I won't come to the baby shower. Is that okay?" ..... All my friends who are pregnant or who have kids have girls, so they don't get it, I guess. I don't know. Said friend--who I'm not talking to anymore!--is pretty oblivious, so what she said didn't exactly surprise me. What surprised me was so many friends telling me they are SO sorry for me.

 This is just getting so bad because I am already hormonal, and it's making me crazy-depressed. I know I should be so happy logically, and I am, but just being depressed from the way people around me are acting like it's something bad is driving me crazy. I wish my husband would talk to his parents for the way they're acting (let's buy future granddaughter a ton of presents for Christmas and she's not even here, and ignore the boy and keep telling the other daughter in law that "it still COULD be a girl!"). My parents, who were initially excited, now refuse to talk about the baby no matter what. That hurts too, like they're going to the inlaws' side.

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