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Has anyone been able to sway twins? Boys/girl/1 of each?

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14-Dec-11 4:32 pm


Has anyone tried to sway twins of a particular gender?

Did it work?

Please reply,

lilgift x



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14-Dec-11 5:11 pm

i don't think you can sway twins. you can do ht and have them put back 1 boy and 1 girl. but who knows if both will stick, or if even 1 will stick. good luck.

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8-Apr-12 9:38 am
Hi im 13 wks with twins. Im desperate to find out what sex they are so I can start getting the nursery sorted. Have you found you found anything for this? Katie xx
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8-Apr-12 12:10 pm
I read Tamara say high amounts if folic acid can sway twins

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17-Jun-14 2:02 pm
Hi, I swayed twins. Slightly swayed boy but knew I would want another girl if it was a boy, so researched swaying for twins. Piled on 15lbs, extra folic acid, soy milk, hummus and yams. Worked for me.....
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4-Sep-14 12:32 pm

Omg! He is so much bigger then his sister! Not in a bad way of course. Its supposed to be that way right? lol

So cute!! I Would love to have twins but really want two boys!

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