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UPDATE 12w3d GIRLY?nub - 19 week scan says....

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13-Dec-11 9:34 pm

Thank you for all your accurate predictions. We were very pleased to hear GIRL! at my 19 week ultrasound today. YAY! Potty shot (of sorts) on page 3

I'm not sure if a prediction will be possible due to the spine curvature but I would love some expert opinions. I was told it was 50/50 but I'm having trouble waiting for my next scan at 19 weeks...

Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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13-Dec-11 9:36 pm
It's a girlie girl!

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13-Dec-11 9:56 pm
Leaning girl!

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13-Dec-11 10:04 pm

 im leaning girl to

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13-Dec-11 10:42 pm

 Thanks ladies... I was confused but the knob on the end and thought it looked a bit boy... but I'm very new to this as I waited patiently with my first until the 20 week scan.

 We are happy with either B or G, I'm just very curious! Any more predictions?

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13-Dec-11 10:44 pm
I'm thinking Girly! :-)

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13-Dec-11 11:45 pm

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14-Dec-11 12:32 am
Baby Bear Girl
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14-Dec-11 1:06 am

 Wow! I can't believe that I thought it was ambiguous but everyone (including a tech Happy Smile seem certain it is a girl.... I guess we might be getting a pink one to balance out our VERY blue 2yo! 


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14-Dec-11 5:23 am
I think girl too

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14-Dec-11 7:43 am

very girly!


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14-Dec-11 8:48 am
Girl :)
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14-Dec-11 9:17 am

Baby Bear Girl! Congrats xx

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14-Dec-11 2:16 pm

 Thank you everyone.... well I think I'm convinced but hubby is skeptical Embarrassed... can anyone tell me what it is about the pic/nub that makes everyone so certain it is a pink one? Thanks!

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14-Dec-11 2:35 pm
The nub is quite flat which indicates girl
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