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17-Apr-12 10:55 am
looks like you may have to wait til thursday hun... thats confusing. the first pic looks angled so i would say boy but the 2nd pic looks straight so i would say girl. what are you hoping for? do you care at all? im starting to freak out. i want baby michael to have a brother but i can't have anymore my cervix isn't up for the job. so now im sad thinking about the future. the girls running off to play barbie and my poor litle boy left all alone to play dinosaurs in the dirt without anyone. [:'(] i know im just hormonal but stuff like that makes me crazy, along with now i have to buy blue stuff, everything i own is pink. there isn't enough mom to go around to 6 kids, how am i going to manage? sorry i'll shut up, i have alot of time on my hands as you can see.

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