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 thankyou newbaby2011,,i didnt think i was to bothered about findingout sex to start with but now m dying to know too,lol,,i had a scan at 15 weeks and asked if he could tell the sex and after a good look between the legs he said it was to early to tell,,girl maybe?? or just not getting a good glimpse of scrotum and penis to say for sure?? i have had a feeling from start that this is a girl but now im not so sure lol,,i wish i had asked for potty shot pic but was so wrapped up in the knowing that my baby was fine i didnt ask,,will attach profile photo i got at 15 weeks and a nub photo at 12w 4d


so glad to know the wee man is still cooking away in there and everyday is a blessing that he stays put,,,it must be hard for you with not being able to do much with your girls etc and 12 weeks seems like a lifetime away but you can make up for it when he finally comes into the world,,,12 weeks will not seem that long once you have your healthy baby boy in your arms Happy  LOL

 fx'd everything keeps on going good for you and your family Hearts

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expecting again,,our precious Baby Bear Girl is due on 27th September 2012!!!!