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Conception Using a Syringe

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11-Dec-11 11:04 pm

Hello all,

 I just wanted to share this info in case it helps anyone. My hubby has "delayed ejaculation" issues, and issues with lower testosterone. The pressure of trying for a baby certainly did not help. It was so stressful every month being forced to TTC on certain days considering our issue. I decided to take matters into my own hands, and used a different method, a sort of at home insemination...

 Hubby ejaculated his stuff into a sterile cup, and I used a 10ml syringe to insert as deep as I could. He did help me orgasm, and then I just lay elevated for 45 minutes. I got pregnant twice in 6 months using this method. First time, unfortunately,  a chemical pregnancy, but now I am 19 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. It sounds pretty unromantic and scientific, and is. But for a lot of men, just taking the pressure off helps GREATLY.

 We did this for all of the days I was fertile. I used a clearblue fertility monitor and also took my BBT. I was/am on baby aspirin also. And mind you, I did 5 IUIs, an IVF and a FET but nothing WORKED!!! I got pregnant naturally after all that! Seriously, the method DOES work just as well as intercourse and is great for men with sexual issues,,,

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