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tbm swaying a girl

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16-Apr-12 3:19 am
Hi, I'm also in the UK. I tracked my cycles for 3 months before we started ttc a girl. I used the clearblue fertility monitor and all the research said that 97% of women ovulate on their 2nd peak day, so I was all set for my o+12 attempt on peak day 2. Well that cycle I got 7 high days (2 bars) and I thought it was strange as I normally get 5 maximum! I had some cheap ovulation test strips so on the 7th high day I decided to test with the strips every 3-4 hours, 12pm there was a faint line then at 16.30 I got a strong positive! So my surge started on a high day and the next morning I got a peak! Because I was so worried about doing my o+12 attempt to early (plus I was checking my cervix and cm a hundred times!) I still waited until the 2nd peak day evening to do our attempt - that cycle ended in a bfn and now I know I missed the egg completely!! So my advice would be to use the monitor but also use the clearblue smily tests (get the 20 pack off amazon!!). I ovulated yesterday (my 2nd cycle ttc girl) and I had to do a cut off because my DH was away for work so we couldn't do o+12. Don't get too stressed about timing. I had a 1.5 cut off (my hubby abstained for 12 days and we only dtd once!) when I ovulated my ph never rose above 5). I hope that helps!! Good luck :)

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