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Just wondering

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8-Dec-11 11:17 pm
If anyone is still here?! My beautiful DD turned three on the 6th. And all of the sudden she is sooo moody lol. DH said he thought the terrible twos were bad.... Anyway, she's a tiny little girl, still in 24 mnth/2T. We're having her party this Saturday. I'm going to make a major attempt at making her a Barbie doll dress cake tomorrow. How's everyone else's Dec 08 babies doing? DD has totally completed our family. Wouldn't know what to do without her!


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12-Dec-11 2:53 am

Hey there my daughter isnt 3 till Friday 16th shes not moody yet but dont know if she will change but also i have just had another daughter on 28th Oct 2011 & my daughter didnt want anything to do with her till she was a week old & now she cant stop looking at her, holding her & that

My daughter has always been small in clothes she was only 5lb 5oz when she was born shes still in 1-1/2years in bottoms & 2-3years in tops we are having her party on her birthday she got her weight & height checked on 8th Dec shes now 26lb 10oz & is 2ft 11"

Cant belive how fast the last 3 years has went Sad

Hope everyone else's Dec 08 babies are doing well

heres my daughters Emma & Andrasta pic took on 11/12/11 they are already for christmas Happy Smile


Full-size image


Emma (2)Baby Girl

Andrasta 28/10/11Baby Girl

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