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Help from Mothers of all boys

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12-Dec-11 1:58 pm
When I was pg with boy #4, I had a complete stranger come up to me and say "Well, you've failed 4 times now at getting your girl, I would just quit now!" I was appalled. It's hard enough having that yearning for a baby girl, but for people to just assume that the only reason I have had children is to get a girl and a complete stranger to say this to me, which is none of her business! For me, my gender disappointment had nothing to do with the baby I was carrying....I love my boys more than anything and the very moment I found out I was having a boy, I loved him. My disappointment had nothing to do with had to do with my longing for a daughter that I didn't know if I was ever going to have. You have to be prepared for the comments. You have to put on a strong front or pretend you don't know what you are having until you are ready to deal with the comments. I would have friend (who are no longer my friends) laugh at me when we found out we were having yet another boy. A baby is a blessing, regardless of gender....and it's important that you love this baby and show that love to anyone who would comment otherwise! I am so glad that I have all my boys. I had 4 boys ages 4 and under....then I had a baby girl! Then everyone assumed we were done having children. I made sure that we weren't having a large family just for the sake of having a girl. We got pg again when she was one, and I was hoping for another girl. But, we were blessed with a boy instead. My 5th boy is such a joy....and now we are expecting our 2nd girl. Through the years, I've had my ups and downs concerning gender. I think I would have been more inclined to stop having children if I had gotten my cookie cutter family.....and then I think about not having each of my precious boys.....and I am so glad to have what I have. Once you can come to terms with what your family is in reality, vs what society wants to say is best, you will be much happier and content to have your boys!

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