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low progesterone any chance could be a girl?

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2-Dec-11 8:50 pm
After 3 boys I tried a very light sway for a girl...Calcium, magnesium, and cranberry supplements for me and DH. Also, did a 4-5 day cut off. However, I am now 5 weeks pregnant and found out I have low progesterone (it was 7) and slow Hcg rise. I believe the low progesterone is a result of shortened luteal phase. I am now on progesterone tablets, but was wondering if with my low progesterone, iss there any chance at all that I am having a girl?


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3-Dec-11 11:48 am

i can't remember what mine was with my 4th but my doctor said it was low and she put me on progesterone suppositories. which were really gross. i went on to have a healthy baby girl. and with my 6th they put me on progesterone shots starting at 16 weeks until 36 weeks. both girls. i can't really say about girl sways. mine were always boy sways.

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3-Dec-11 2:02 pm
Thanks for the reply, maybe there is hope for a girl then, I'm not holding my breath though. Glad to hear your 4th baby turned out healthy even with needing the progesterone. I am taking it orally, so glad I don't have to worry about the suppositories :-)
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