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What do you think of Landon?

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30-Nov-11 12:10 pm

I was just wondering what everyone thinks of the name Landon (please be honest)!! We were thinking of Landon Michael if the baby is a boy and my DS is Ethan and DD is Madison. Also, are people going to reference Michael Landon if we name the baby Landon Michael. Should we choose a different middle name. The other name we are considering is Carter Michael, which one is cuter?

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30-Nov-11 12:38 pm
I love the name Landon.. if I'm pregnant with a boy my husband wants to name him Tyler Landon :) and my daughters name is also Madison
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30-Nov-11 12:44 pm

I love the name Landon!  My friend who was pregnant had a team green pregnancy and if it was a boy there were going to name him Landon because her husband really liked Little House on the Prairie!  They had a girl though - Evelyn.

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30-Nov-11 12:46 pm
I really like it. I like Landon

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30-Nov-11 1:07 pm

Love love the name Landon!! :) :)

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30-Nov-11 8:33 pm
Omg.... Very weird! LOL not the name... My name is also Rachel and the two names on our short list all along for a boy have been Landon Micheal and Carter Micheal! And I was leaning Carter cuz I wasn't sure if people would think of Micheal Landon. LOL so needless to say... Love them both!
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30-Nov-11 10:37 pm
I love it! My sister just had the sweetest baby boy 3 weeks ago and named him Landon Owen.

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5-Dec-11 1:52 pm

I like Landon and Carter so I'd combine those 2 in either order and forget about Michael.

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5-Dec-11 3:48 pm

My high school sweet heart was named Landon and my 18 month olds best friend who is also 18 months old is named Landon. We Heart that name!   

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5-Dec-11 4:33 pm
Love that name! My 18month old sons name is Landen Justus : )

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9-Dec-11 2:20 pm
Love Landon!

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29-Dec-11 10:42 pm
This baby will either be Landon or Lyndon.  Love the name Landon alot, but have always been hung up about using it since my dh's name is Brandon.  But I'm thinking about using it anyway, but might go with Lyndon as well. 

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17-Jan-12 8:26 pm
Honestly the first thing that came to mind when you said, Landon Michael, was Michael Landon. You will probably get a lot of comments about it...and maybe people calling him Michael Landon(on accident of course) but if you love the name, go with it. But honestly I love the name Carter Michael better. I think Carter is such a cute name.

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5-Mar-12 3:29 pm

I like it! I know a small boy Landon Lay. I think I would think Michael Landon - but that's not a bad thing! I also like the name Carter - Landon Carter is nice as well


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29-Mar-12 10:51 pm

 Landon is becoming very very popular these days. What do you think of Leland? very similar to Landon, but not as popular.... 


Leland Carter sound great! 

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