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for desperate

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24-Nov-11 2:43 pm

desperate - i have not been able to get on here in ages but now that i am on and see your great great super dooper news i am so thrilled for you!! i did not realise you were going back so soon? how was it this time? did you have to take all the meds again or how did it work? I am dying to hear all. you are probably extra sick on account of carrying more than one little lady! its fanstastic. keep well and get lots of rest. i am getting set up for our trip in may - am going to get baseline scan and bloods done in jan / feb and am starting to take the vitamins. keep in touch. will be thinking of you.



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27-Nov-11 6:44 am

 Capegrace, good to hear from you. Yes brilliant news, wasn't hoping for two but two is better than none! The meds were different this time only estrogen and progesterone. The meds were leaving me very sick this time and still being on them and being pregnant sickness is a lot worse. I can hardly function throughout the day as i am nausea the whole  day. This feeling is terrible!  Anyway the suffering at present will be so worth it in the end! Are you able to get your scans done in Ireland or are you going to UK. May won't be long coming around. I started this whole process last Nov/Dec. This time i was only there for 4 nights which was great. I am fed up with the travelling at this stage.

This site was down for ages. If it happens again you should join the other site so we can keep in touch. I am the same name.


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27-Nov-11 3:34 pm

apologies for interrupting your thread but I'm trying to get a message to desperate and thought she might see it on here. Hope you don't mind

Just wanted her opinion on something.... Im cycling in Feb and just had all my pre tests and baseline scan, everything looked fine but my FSH was 15, which I think is quite high :(

Desperate I know you were 40 when you cycled, what was your FSH? Would love to know what you think as Im so worried....

many thanks pp3

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30-Nov-11 5:48 am

 Perrypop, I went down this HT route because I got my AMH and FSH tested before I decided. For my age I had an excellent result showing that I still had an excellent reserve for my age. AMH was 49.4 and FSH WAS 5. If you know anything about these numbers they are excellent not only for my age but i think for anyones age!

However quantity was never a problem, but quality was, due to being 42! I don't know if these doctors seemed to be alarmed with numbers but my gynaecologest was and said that it determined whether i would respond.

Hope this answers.  good luck, hope all is well.



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30-Nov-11 7:45 am
Thanks so much for your answer. xx
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