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Wonder what it's like to NOT have GD.

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25-Nov-11 8:18 pm

[quote user="prettyinpink18"][quote user="Azuremyst:

 Hmmmm? I promise you girls sh!t and p!ss just like any boy. I don't give a hoot about frilly girly things but it seems like God gives us what we need, not what we want.Hearts

[/quote] ????? Not a helpful thing to say. Obviously the op does give a hoot about frilly, girly things hence her post about her GD over it.[/quote] 

Probably not, I feel bad for her.

Well I think it is kinda helpful, I feel the same as the poster, I LOVE my boys to death and would love to have no GD and would never replace one of them with a girl. But it is nice to get things into perspective, babies are babies, beautiful and messy:-) People are people, always wanting what we don't have, but it's ok. And I think the poster asks an excellent question. Hopefully we'll be able to answer it ourselves some day!!
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