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3rd cycle -- this might be the one!


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14-Dec-11 7:51 am

 My husband just does not want to spend the money on no guarentee.  We have already spent so much and the next cycle could be the same.  Ivf is just like swaying, there is no guarentee.  There is only like 30% chance at best with each cycle getting pregger's -- and if you do atleast you know its a girl.  But swaying is 50/50, maybe a bit better if you really try - but you don't know if you're getting b or g.  So is it baby or no baby; or boy or girl. The truth is I still want another baby.  I want a girl more than words can express, but if one were to tell me that I could never ever have a girl then I would still want anotehr baby and have to get over/handle never having a daughter.  I am trying now, I really am.  It is taking time.  I talked with my doctor and of course he thinks I should try again -- he's not paying for it.  Eventually it will work when I get that one good egg that is a girl (this time I did have 1 really good looking blast but it was a male -- the 2 females that were transferred he said didn't look so great).  How many times would I have to do this to get that one good girl though???  Part of me wants to give up on this girl and move on with my life.  I am exhausted!!!  Tired of doing 1 yr.+ ivf cycle, tired of now researching so much about swaying -- just tired of obsessing over it.  Take a break....I can't, it's all I think about.  And my son will be 3 in March -- so this next baby will be 3.5-4yrs. behind him.  I know its not major but if I were to have a boy - which just might be my fate, then I would want them to be close and that is a gap.  I just wanna have a baby now, I am done with all this and I don't know why ivf hasn't worked for me.  I'm only 29, very fertile (i get pregger's 1st month trying always) ---one would think I was a shoe in.  But no -- some things aren't meant for everyone, and maybe this wasn't meant for me.

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