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19-Nov-11 4:17 am
I just found out my baby is a girl!!! We dtd even though Smartstork said 98% chance of a boy as I was having my doubts. It was wrong!! I can't believe people pray on the desires of women gender dreams! So cruel. How can she sleep at night? Laughing I bet! I ended up paying around $200!!! I feel stupid to have belived in it in the first place :( I'm posting this in the hope that no one else gets sucked in to this too good to be true scam. All the best everyone :)
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12-Dec-11 2:31 am
Thank-you for posting this I am new to this website and the whole gender swaying thing and I am reading through alot of posts about what not to go for.

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11-May-12 5:39 pm

 I used genselect to have a boy it did not work for me and I am not getting my money back evem though it is money back gaurantee!! I have 3 beautiful girls and used genselect on my 3rd pregnancy. I am thinking of PGD gender selection in Cyprus now so I am starting to save up!

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2-Sep-12 7:43 pm

  i too have seen a lot of scams that people are talking about on this forum...and tbh, im glad ppl like you are posting stuff like this so i know what not to try!

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